Career Options

You will be confused about what career choices you have once you are done with your 10th, 12th or after your graduation. Parents will be worried about what career path their kids should choose and what are the choices available, how to choose right career path, what is the eligibility criteria to get into a specific profession. 

There are many career choices than becoming a Doctor, Engineer or C.A. or C.S.

You need right guidance and obviously it also depends on your interest into  specific subject or area as well. So lets see what are the choices childrens have and what subjects they should choose.

(1)  Indian Army

(2)  Civil Services

(3)  Indian Navy

(4)  Teaching

(5)  Politics

(6)  Nursing

(7)  Pharma

(8)  Insurance

(9)  Hotel Management

(10) Pilots

(11)  Banking

(12) Yoga Teacher

(13)  Chefs

(14)  Hair Stylist

(15)  Law (Lawyer, Judges)

(16)  Business Administration (BBA,MBA)

(17)  Scientist

(18)  Fashion Designing

(19)   Technician

and many more...There are lots of options. We just need right info and guidance.