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Civil Services

There are different Civil services posts nd exams and India as well as State level. Lets see below type of civil services and how one can get into these:

There are 3 Types of Civil Services

(1) All India Civil Services
(2) Group A Civil Services

(3) Group B Civil Services

All India Civil Services:

  • Indian Administrative Service (IAS)

  • Indian Forest Service (IFS)

  • Indian Police Service (IPS)

Group A Civil Services : There are many Group A level services. Few of them are:

  • Indian Foreign Service (IFS)

  • Indian Audit and Accounts Service (IAAS)

  • Indian Civil Accounts Service (ICAS)

  • Indian Corporate Law Service (ICLS)

  • Indian Defence Accounts Service (IDAS)

  • Indian Defence Estates Service (IDES)

  • Indian Information Service (IIS)

  • Indian Ordnance Factories Service (IOFS)

  • Indian Communication Finance Services (ICFS)

  • Indian Postal Service (IPoS)

  • Indian Railway Accounts Service (IRAS)

  • Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS)

  • Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS)

  • Indian Revenue Service (IRS)

  • Indian Trade Service (ITS)

  • Railway Protection Force (RPF)

Group B Civil Services

  • Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service

  • Botanical Survey of India


  • Pondicherry Civil Service

  • Pondicherry Police Service

State Services

The State Civil Services examinations and recruitment are conducted by the individual states public service commissions in India. These services are feeder services of All India Services. All appointments to State Services (Group A) are made by the Governors of States.

List of State Engineering Services (Engineering)

All State Engineering Services officers are Group A gazetted officers.

State Forest Service (Natural Resource)

All State Forest Services of the rank of Assistant Conservator of Forest(ACF) are Group B gazetted officers under state natural resource services. The officers of this state natural resource services are later promoted to the Indian Forest Service after 8 years of Service.

State Police Service (Civil Service)

All State Police Services of the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police/Assistant Commissioner of Police/Assistant Commandant are Group B Officers and is included under state civil services . The officers of following state civil services are later promoted to Indian Police Service.

  • Andhra Pradesh State Police Service (APPS)

  • Arunachal Pradesh Police Service (APPS)

  • Assam Police Service (APS)

  • Bihar Police Service (BPS)

  • Goa Police Service (GPS)

  • Maharashtra Police Service (MPS)

  • Madhya Pradesh Police Service (MPPS)

  • Gujarat Police Service (GPS)

  • Haryana Police Service (HPS)

  • Himachal Pradesh Police Service (HPPS)

  • Jharkhand Police Service (JPS)

  • Kashmir Police Service (KPS)

  • Karnataka State Police Service (KSPS)

  • Kerala Police Service (KPS)

  • Manipur Police Service (MPS)

  • Mizoram Police Service (MPS)

  • Meghalaya Police Service (MPS)

  • Nagaland Police Service (NPS)

  • Odisha Police Service (OPS)

  • Provincial Police Service (Uttar Pradesh) (PPS)

  • Punjab Police Service (PPS)

  • Rajasthan Police Service (RPS)

  • Sikkim Police Service (SPS)

  • Telangana Police Service (TSPS)

  • Tamil Nadu Police Service (TNPS)

  • Tripura Police Service(TPS)

  • Uttarakhand Police Service (UPS)

  • West Bengal Police Service (WBPS)

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