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 What can i become after choosing commerce stream in 11th class?

Looking for the right career options after 10th in Commerce?  We would elaborate on the best career options after commerce with and without maths along with professional courses in commerce and what it takes to build a successful career in commerce, etc. One of the biggest decisions for students around the age of 15-16 is trying to decide between the three main streams after 10th, i.e. Sciences, Humanities or Commerce which they wish to tread through for the next two years as well as make a future career in. Since this decision will govern the course of the next few years of your life, it is natural to have doubts as well as research through all possible information available, trying to make the best decision. Now that you have your heart set out for commerce, this blog brings a complete guide on the career options after 10th in commerce.




As an educational stream, Commerce is defined as a study of business and trades activities like- Exchanging services and goods to the customer from the producer/ manufacturer. Students will get the option to choose the subject after class 10th. In Commerce, there are three main subjects taught, namely- Accountancy, Economics, and Business Studies. In this article, aspirants will get the answer to the question- “Why Commerce After 10th?”.

Why Commerce After 10th?

  • There is a wide range of career options for the students who chose Commerce Stream, and it will give a sense of financial assurance and make them successful.

  • Commerce Stream is easy for those students who can play with the big numbers and data and have an underlying understanding of finance and economics.

  • Learners have to be familiar with the relevant subjects and topics like- Bookkeeping, Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, etc.

Subjects in Commerce After 10th 

For the question of “why choose commerce after 10th class”, it is essential that you are familiar with all the commerce stream subjects you will be studying. Like any stream of study, Commerce encompasses core as well as elective subjects. Further, students are also offered the choice of Commerce with Maths or Commerce without Maths. If you opt for commerce without maths, you can choose from elective subjects like Information Practices, Psychology, Language Studies, Physical EducationHome Science, to name a few. So, to help you understand the core and electives offered in this stream, here are some of the major subjects in commerce after 10th:


The measuring, processing, and communication of the crucial financial data of a firm can be summed up under the subject of Accountancy. It also involves analysing as well as calculating the results of the economic steps of a business organization.

Business Studies 

With the advent of technology, various new methods of carrying out business have emerged. You will be familiarized with the same by studying Business Studies in Class 11th. Traditional along with modern techniques, processes, frameworks and much more about how businesses are run is taught through the subject.


The study of the economy at micro and macro levels is known as Economics. Being one of the most interesting subjects, it will offer you a detailed study of how the economy in national and international markets works. 

Other Subjects

Apart from the aforementioned subjects, you will get to study the following subjects in commerce Class 11:

  • English 

  • Mathematics

  • Information Practices

  • Psychology

  • Home Science 

  • Computer Science

  • Physical Education

  • Fine Arts, etc

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